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3 min readMay 2, 2022


Continents NFT launched on April 13th 2022 to an enthusiastic community excited to be the first collectors of location-based NFTs. Hundreds of collectors from around the world minted an audiovisual NFT of the Continent they were located with some also collecting the Antarctica NFT which was reserved for active members of our community.

The first round of minting is over, but there are exciting things in the works for both existing minters and those who want to join in.

Achievements and NFT Badges

Continents launched with 1 achievement (“Around the World”) which rewarded collectors who acquired all 7 Continents with 1,000 LOST tokens the Earth NFT and a non-tradeable ERC-721 achievement badge. There were only 5 of these achievements available however and all 5 went by within a few hours of minting.

App simulation of collecting achievements

As a result, we are expanding the achievement and rewarding badges to those in the community who continued to collect all 7 Continents and for those who want to collect all 7 and be rewarded for their efforts.

In addition to “Around the World”, other achievements will be rolling out as well. Some achievements will reward collectors for minting a certain number of NFTs. Each achievement comes with a reward of 10 LOST tokens.

Left to Right: Asia Badge, Oceania Badge, Mint 5 NFTs Badge

Token-Gated Communities

Continent NFTs collectors can enter our Discord verify their wallet and join special channels. Each Continent has its own channel as well as their being a Continents Owner channel. Communities have been building around each Continent. Collectors have been coming in to collaborate on sales for other Continents to complete their set.

Discord Privileges

Once verified in our Discord, Continents minters will have extra privileges such as voting in contests and winning prizes.

Airdrops and Future Access

Continents is the first of many projects that will drop on Lost Worlds. Early collectors will be rewarded for adopting location-based NFTs. Future rewards will include:

  • Airdrops of LOST token
  • Early access to future projects
  • Whitelist spots



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