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Up until recently, users could only access NFTs from the comfort of their desktops, stuck within the limited space of their homes. In Lost Worlds, users physically travel to real-world locations to unlock exclusively curated NFTs. We are now moving to a world with infinite NFT utility since creators can traverse throughout the world’s continents–including Antarctica for whitelisted miners–and earn rewards for their efforts.

But that is Lost Worlds in a glimpse. What are the top use cases in this location-based NFT platform and how can the average user benefit? Here are three examples to know about:

  1. An Entirely New Dimension for NFT Experiences

The true value of NFTs is evident through scarce traits and unique combinations of various utilities. Excellent examples of NFT projects that embody this statement include CryptoPunks and the famous Bored Apes Yacht Club.

Lost Worlds also supports NFT projects of all kinds, including generative but in a different and physically-bounding way. The new form of generative NFTs is location-based, where they can be “dropped” at any location, where users then go out to discover and mint them. Users will need to stake LOST tokens in order to access minting locations. The more LOST a user stakes, the more access, utility, and rewards to enjoy from the platform. Moreover, collectors can sell or trade the location-based minted NFTs on primary or secondary marketplaces that are accessible to all without geographical limitations. All in all, this sets out to create a new paradigm of how NFTs are created, minted and shared across physical as well as online platforms.

2. Explore to Earn

The location-based minting utility creates working opportunities in the ecosystem where users go to explore specific geographic places to mint their desired NFTs. Imagine embarking on your favorite hiking trail to unlock an achievement when you reach the top of the mountain. This achievement can be in the form of an NFT, which contains information about when you unlocked the reward, as well as which rank of the leaderboard you placed. In return, this opens a myriad of incentives and components that reward users for their energy in creating, minting, and trading geolocation-tagged NFTs.

This also incentivizes all levels of users, from creators to collectors, encouraging more people to interact with Web3. Even better, Lost Worlds doesn’t limit the imagination of creators as the platform supports a wide range of NFT types, from music drops to location-centric exploration experiences, for example time-based prize hunts. The Explore to Earn platform also has other rewards incentives, such as Minter Dividends wherein the earliest minters for each NFT collection earns more rewards later on.

3. Extending Games to the Real World

Video game developers can now leverage the Lost Worlds platform and location-based NFTs to extend the Metaverse gaming excursions to the real world. This is a rare opportunity to remind avid gamers that we are still living in the real world, no matter how much fun it is to explore a boundless universe in the virtual world.

It’s also worth noting that Lost Worlds incorporates high levels of customization in individual gaming projects to create unparalleled user experience and more indulging reward mechanisms. For example, this can be in the form of unlockable rare collectibles that’s only redeemable at a famous landmark. It can also be special game badges to unlock only at a certain time in a given location.

The Metaverse Experience is Borderless

Lost Worlds brings entirely new, yet familiar NFT experiences for creators, players and explorers, all in a bid to merge the Metaverse dynamics with real-world locations. We will be covering more use cases and the exciting possibilities of Lost Worlds in upcoming posts.

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