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Launching April 12th 2022!

Continents are geographically bound NFTs connected to one of the seven continents around the world. This will be a limited edition series (250 per continent) and give people a chance to use the Lost Worlds platform around the world.

Continent NFTs

Do You Need to Travel to Mint Continents?

You will only be able to mint the NFT corresponding to the continent where you are currently located. For example, those in the U.S. can only mint North America. That said, you can buy and sell a Continent NFT on the secondary marketplace until you own the full set, even if you don’t currently reside on that continent.

How Much Do Continent NFTs Cost?

Pricing for Continent NFTs will be a flat 2 AVAX each. There will be 250 NFTs on every continent (except Antarctica):

  • North America (including Central America)
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia)
South America NFT

What about Antarctica?

The Antarctica NFT serves to reward those most engaged with the Avalanche NFT community. So no, you won’t have to travel to Antarctica to mint the NFT.

To be eligible to mint Antarctica you need to either:

  • Be an Explorer rank or above in our Discorda
  • Hold any of the following:
  • Chikn NFT, Hopper NFT, Phi Stone TaleCraft NFT or at least 900 $GB

There will be a supply cap of 250 Antarctica NFTs.

How Do I Mint Continent NFTs?

Continents is an exclusive project on the Lost Worlds platform. You connect your wallet to and minting will open on April 12th. Make sure you are on the Avalanche C-Chain network and have at least 2.5 AVAX in your wallet (to account for gas).

Continents is a Bronze Tier project, meaning you do not need to stake any LOST token to access it. However, Bronze projects do not have minter rewards or dividends like Silver and Gold tier projects.

To learn more about staking and access tiers, read our whitepaper →

“Around the World” Achievement

The Earth NFT is the ultimate reward and achievement. The first five people to collect all seven Continents NFTs and burn them will be rewarded with the rare Earth NFT, 1,000 LOST and a non-tradeable ERC-721 badge. There are only five Earth NFTs available.

5 Collectors will Be Able to Receive a Global NFT for a Big Pay Day Reward

Future $LOST Airdrops

As with all early Lost Worlds projects, holders of Continent NFTs will be entitled to future airdrops, whitelists and perks for all the future projects that drop on the Lost Worlds platform based on which continents and how many Continents you own.

Which Ecosystem Will I Be Able to Mint Continents On?

Continents will be dropping on Avalanche only and can only be purchased with $AVAX.

Other Lost World Projects

Portals is another Lost Worlds project that has six unique locations to start. Portals will continue to evolve, have more locations and its own roadmap. Continents is a one time project to allow our most engaged users a chance to mint an NFT without needing to travel far.

If you want to stay up to date with all current and future Lost Worlds projects, follow us on Twitter or Discord.



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