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Lost Worlds has a mission to become THE creator and community driven Location Based NFT platform. To inspire that effort we are introducing an initiative called the World Creators Program (WCP). A creative ambassadors program where we champion and reward NFT artist all over the world for developing Location Based gNFT drops, voted on and approved by the Lost Worlds community.

The premise is simple, NFT artist create work that is themed and tied to a location, if the community likes it, the artist is rewarded both with LOST and their own revenue generating NFT drop.

How it Works

The Lost Worlds team will be collecting themed briefs inspired by the community that would work well as individual gNFTs, or a Location Based NFT project.

Those themes will be refined and presented to the community for a 3 day vote in the discord.

The winning theme will then be shared for an open call to all artist who will be given 10 days to submit their best works tied to that themes brief.

Once submissions are closed a final community vote will be tallied and a winner announced.


Winning the contest will give creators the opportunity to have their own location based NFT mint on Lost Worlds, including 25% of the mint revenue, as well as a reward in LOST.

1st place winner (Community Vote)

5,000 LOST

Their Own Location Based NFT Drop

25% of the revenue from that drop

Royalties on trades where applicable

Runner ups/Honorable Mentions (Selected by Lost Worlds)

500 LOST

Their Own Location Based NFT Drop

25% of the revenue from that Drop

Royalties on trades where applicable

Voting Logistics

Submissions and voting is open to the entire Lost Worlds community, with final votes casted via discord. Holders of NFTs minted on Lost Worlds, specifically ContinentsNFT, will be given extra votes.

  • Each voting round is posted & pinned in the discord announcements channel
  • Voting rounds will also be posted & pinned in general and in each Continents channel
  • At the end of each voting period the total scores will be tallied and we will advance to the next round

Schedule / Voting:

  1. Theme & Location Vote (3 days)
  2. Artist Submissions (10 Days)
  3. Final Community Votes ( 2 days)

Theme and Location Vote

3–5 location based NFT themes will be presented to the community in a brief. Each theme will be described with a general brief of design asks as well as location focus. Both a discord and twitter poll will be taken over the 3 day period.

Twitter Poll (for every 100 total votes 25 votes will be applied to the final vote)
Discord Poll (continentNFT holders verified in the discord will be given an extra vote per Continent owned — i.e., you will have up to 7 additional votes)

Artist Submission

Once the theme/locations have been voted on the artist are free to create. Submission can be provided via twitter using the #LOSTCREATOR or via discord in the #wcp-submissions channel. People who drop an accepted submission will be given a special role in the discord for Lost Creators.

Once the submission window is closed the community and team will select creative submissions influenced by:

  1. Creativity — Uniqueness and Skill
  2. Location — Is this drop going to be accessible to people, and or is it an interesting place to drop an NFT
  3. Popularity — Are people excited about what your work

Final Community Vote

Final submission will then be placed to a final 2 day vote on discord

Submission Logistics

  • Submissions will be made in an Artist Submissions / Contest Submissions channel in discord, submissions will be accepted via twitter, but those creators will need to enter the Lost Worlds discord in order to showcase and present their work to the community and earn their creators role.
  • All designs must follow the theme guidelines, including design specs, and file types. Outside of the brief creators are given free reign to express themselves.

The Specs: 1080x1080 JPG, PNG, MP4 (we can compress the file size, but please be mindful if it affects quality, ideally keep it under 50mb)

That is all. If there are questions, about the contest participants can ask in the discord

WEBSITE: lostworlds.io
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/kDBaK3JPSP
TWITTER: twitter.com/lostworldsnft



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