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Lost Worlds is at the forefront of merging the excitement of exploring the real world with the innovative technology of blockchain, akin to the adventure of Pokemon Go. Lets recap what we’ve done so far and our plans to get LOST with location based NFTs 📍.

Since debuting the first true location based NFT platform at the first Avalanche Summit in Barcelona in 2021, Lost Worlds has broadened its reach to include Avalanche, Polygon, and Ethereum blockchains, as well as the Web2 sphere with the wallet infrastructure. This development allows users to effortlessly create a non-custodial wallet using their email and make credit card purchases within a minute. Additionally, we’ve integrated the LOST token on the Avalanche blockchain, offering versatile minting options that enhance platform accessibility and utility for the LOST token. The token’s value is designed to increase over time due to a deflationary model that ensures its sustainability and usefulness.

All usage of the LOST token — be it for purchases, trade fees, or mint fees — triggers a transfer to a locked vault wallet, effectively burning these tokens for up to 100 years from the circulating supply. This strategic move not only curbs emission pressure but also aligns with our commitment to maintaining the token’s utility and value for both users and investors. And with some of the updates detailed below we believe LOST worlds is finally a true block for more IRL creation and exploration.

This has been update to now a 100 year lockup effectively burning the supply. Blackhole Vault Address:

Lost Worlds serves as a guide to emerging trends in the digital and physical realms, thanks to our strategic partnerships with leading NFT, DeFi, and infrastructure projects such as Stepn, DeGods, Ordinals, Ava Labs, Polygon, and over 50 top projects in the Avalanche Ecosystem. These partnerships enable our users to explore and engage with cutting-edge crypto ecosystems. They have been crucial in enhancing our platform’s functionality and expanding our reach. Notably, our partnerships offering early access and airdrops to projects like Dokyo, Hubble Exchange, and Chikn highlight our commitment and the significant, ongoing value we see in our platform and the LOST ecosystem. With our new features see this trend expanding even further.
Lost Worlds introduced over 50 new projects to thousands of real users at Avalanche Summit

Introducing the Creation Portal

We’re thrilled to introduce a feature that propels the Lost Worlds ecosystem into full autonomy and sustainability: the ability for any user to create their Geo NFTs. Before, initiating and deploying location-based NFTs required direct coordination with our team. Now, anyone, whether part of a project or an individual on any supported blockchain, can easily create and explore unique Geo NFTs, aligning with our goal of merging NFTs with real-world locations. Unlike POAPs, Lost Worlds provides significant advantages by enabling genuine geo NFT creation directly on your chosen blockchain, eliminating the need for a mobile app and streamlining the process to just a few minutes.

Our platform is designed for everyone — from major projects launching significant drops to everyday crypto enthusiasts wanting to craft tokens for life’s moments, like parties, conference activations, or geocaching adventures. Looking to introduce your family to crypto during Thanksgiving? Create a geo NFT for the occasion, direct them to Lost Worlds, where they can set up their first wallet using their email and mint in under 30 seconds. Just like that, you’ve brought them into the world of crypto.

Improving User Experience and Feature set

Our Creation Portal is in its initial stage and will expand with more advanced features and functionalities based on user feedback. Future enhancements will include a wider variety of location types and increased token automation options, such as token airdrops, teleportation, bounties and GameFi check-ins.

Explore this now at by clicking “create.”

Community Involvement, Transition and Liquidity LOCK

Community Involvement and Transition

From the beginning, our goal has been to cultivate a platform driven by our community. Recognizing the challenges we’ve faced in building this community, we’re now embracing a model that prioritizes greater community involvement in the governance of our platform. This shift highlights our faith in our users’ collective wisdom and creativity, ensuring the LOST token genuinely serves those engaged with Lost Worlds. For any inquiries or feedback, please join us on Discord.

To further bolster our commitment to platform stability and user trust, we have decided to lock and revoke access to one of the largest liquidity pools we own. This move we hope is a testament to our unwavering confidence in Lost Worlds’ future.

Future Partnership and Announcements

One of our biggest roadblocks in announcing, and locking in big name partnerships has been the platforms inability to operate autonomously. Now that we have launched the creator portal, we can move into our next phase of seeing how the platform is used by creators. Over the past 8 months we silently partnered with Ava Labs to bring geo NFTs to the world with custom solutions that use the Lost Worlds protocol to bring geo NFTs to real world events and we are looking forward to how that manifests as the new and improved Lost Platform is used becomes a signal for use to deploy and announce partnerships that will really bring NFTs into the real world.

We’re proud to highlight partnership with Ava Labs, a collaboration that underscores our commitment to integrating geo NFTs seamlessly into real-world events across the ecosystem. This partnership represents a pivotal step in leveraging the Lost Worlds protocol to create meaningful connections between digital assets and physical experiences.

As we continue to enhance our platform’s performance and autonomy through initiatives like our creator portal, we’re excited about whats ahead. The success of these developments plays a crucial role in paving the way for future partnerships with major entities we are in talks with. The progress and performance of our platform sets the stage for exciting collaborations that promise to further close the gap between NFTs and the real world. Stay tuned for what the future holds as we navigate these promising opportunities across Web 3 and Web 2.


Lost Worlds stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of location-based NFTs. Our journey thus far has been marked by strategic expansions, impactful partnerships, and a deep commitment to our community. We invite you to join us in this exciting venture as we continue to shape the future of NFTs and blockchain technology.

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