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Lost Worlds
3 min readMar 8, 2022


Lost Worlds is creating a unique and novel experience in web3 by binding NFTs to real world locations. Here are just some of the key building blocks of the Lost Worlds platform.

How Lost Worlds Works

Lost Worlds makes it possible to collect NFTs that are attached to certain real world locations. Unlike most NFT experiences which are done on a desktop, Lost Worlds is a mobile dApp. Users have to use the mobile application and travel to certain locations in order to be eligible to mint the NFT bound to it.

Lost Worlds App

There are several key Web3 technologies that go into the Lost Worlds app that make it all possible:

The Graph

Our complete product wouldn’t be possible without The Graph. By indexing transaction events, we are able to build coherent entities like Locations and Tokens that are fully equipped with all data and relationships related to them.

Before The Graph, teams had to develop and operate proprietary indexing servers. This required significant engineering and hardware resources and broke the important security properties required for decentralization.

As a Web3 Application, Lost Worlds passes a lot of data on-chain. Thanks to the Graph, Lost Worlds is able to seamlessly provide information to our users such as floor prices, volume traded, leaderboards, earnings dashboards, and so much more.

Without it it would be nearly impossible to provide our users with the information they need to navigate Lost Worlds.

It’s a fantastic tool for anyone building in web3 and a necessary one for anyone pushing its limits.


Lost Worlds’ NFTs live on Arweave, the immutable, accessible permastorage blockchain. Arweave underscores the perpetuity of NFTs. No matter what happens, there will always be a place that stores the files for your Lost World NFTs meaning the hard work you put it to travel to the NFTs never goes to waste. With ever decreasing cost of storage and ever increasing file serving speed, we’re confident it’s the perfect home for your NFTs.


Of course we wouldn’t be able to do anything without the decentralized Avalanche network. Having people venture out to collect NFTs in the real world meant we needed real speed and an affordable cost. Ethereum, with proof of work, was too cumbersome to allow speedy minting around the world. Gas fees would also turn off people from traveling to the NFTs.

Avalanche marries speed, cost effectiveness as well as a sleek UI that made it the natural home for our application. Furthermore, the ability to launch subnets on Avalanche gives us the ability to scale our application in the future — something that could not be done on nearly every other blockchain.



Lost Worlds

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